We started BOMBEX in 2016. Back then, sex toys industry known for shady business dealings and fly-by-night operations, and shopping for intimate products was a daunting task. To change that, our team combined our extensive sex toy experiments and knowledge of technology. The result was BOMBEX —a place where friendly for women, men, and couples. Our loyal customers know they can rely on BOMBEX to treat them fairly, protect their privacy, and stand by our promises.
Your Complete Pleasure Is Our Priority
One of our goals is providing customers with the best service possible. It's why we are the only adult company with a fully staffed support center open 24/7. You can email us anytime with questions about your new toy, and we'll be there to answer them.
It's why we're the only adult retailer to accept no-questions-asked returns on sex toys under our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy.
It's why we've created sister companies, like SEXY SLAVE, to focus on your special needs.
Our customers deserve the best, and we'll do whatever it takes to give it to them.


Your orders are packed in discreet brown boxes.
No one will find out what it contains.


We always promise 30 days hassle-free refund

or 1-year replacement policy


Amazon Reviews

Intense multiple settings with pleasing results, every freaking time. Favorite toy of all time.
Bitch this will cure your depression:BIIIITCH oh my GOD. Ok so I just got home and I saw that this was on my bed and I got real psyched because It came late, so I open it up and I’m like “alright let’s get it” then I remember that I have a dildo and I’m like let’s try this out. UNLESS YOU ARE TRYNA DIE DONT DO WHAT I DID!! Girl I squirted 4 times and i hadn’t even been using it for 5 minutes, I said “nope I gotta stop this is TOO powerful” it’s evil
Uncontrollable!!!!! AMAZING! I literally get excited when I think about using this. Make sure you keep it charged because it can become addicting.

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